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  • I would very much like to look at those expeditions but the google drive links require me to log in - as I don't have a google account for gaming purposes I can't access the files :sob:

  • @Rahh4711-Oksaras I am going to move them over here to the Public Lobby at some point...it's just a matter of too many things overfilling the time I budget for EVE stuff each day. But thanks for the poke about that issue. It puts their migration higher on the priority list for me.

  • Somebody in the corp sent me four million ISK last week 'cos he/she liked my #4 which was the Ancestral Homeworlds Tour (sorry can't remember who it was off the top of my head, but huge thanks!).

    So anyone thinking of doing one, get on it! We need more!

    PS Boss can I have my medal for getting 10 points pls?

  • @Cassandra-Habalu Yes...designing those medals and awarding you yours is on my to-do list. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Here are a few shots I took while traveling across New Eden, following TripTik Expedition 004 "The Ancestral Homeworlds".

    Lots of beautiful planets, amazing nebulae, and a few bubbles!

    I hope it may inspire other capsuleers to take on this journey :slight_smile:

    PS: Sorry, the quality of the screenshots isn't as great as it should be since I'm running the game on Linux with a mediocre laptop. You'll really have to go see for yourself to enjoy the true beauty of the universe!

  • @Illis-Wilgig Very nice pics !!

  • I submitted a 'fun' TripTik. I hope I did it correctly.

  • @Tamayo Exactly right and it's added to the list! Thanks!

  • The list of expeditions has been updated with two submissions from @Theana-Gaterau ... enjoy!

  • oh - these look fun

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