Greetings! o7

  • Hello All, I was recently recruited and had a bit of a wait until I could get into these forums. Happy to be here, and I look forward to my adventures in EvE.
    For a bit of background, I have returned after about 4-5 years away from the game and I have fair knowledge of most aspects of it. I was originally recruited(when I first started in EvE) by my roommate at the time into the Goonswarm and promptly got thrown into Null. Wasn't a huge fan of PvP, but I went with the flow because that's what my friends were doing at the time. I actually ended up meeting my wife due to this game! Not long after that, RL got in the way, and I had to put aside EvE for the foreseeable future. Then, I heard about Alpha Clones and the additions they were offering and thought to give it a go.
    I especially like Relic/Data sites, wormhole traversing, and general PvE Exploration.

  • Hiya and welcome to Signal Cartel ❄️☃️☄️🌎

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  • Welcome from one ex-Goon to another! Gratz on navigating getting logged into our forums: it's a pretty high bar, honestly. Hope to fly with you sometime soon.

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel, home away home :hugging:

  • ahoi :smile:

  • Welcome to the family :blush:

  • Hello and welcome, fellow Signaleer! :-)

  • Welcome to Signal! o7

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