Pictures from the 3KNK-A Keepstar fight

  • For the first time in ages, I took some pictures of a big fight over a Keepstar. Felt really rusty both capturing the images and editing them so not sure if I've still "got it" or all washed up. :smile:

    :camera: :heart:

    3KNK-A Album on Flickr

  • My Bob, @Razorien, these are grand! You could make your pictures into a glossy book. I'd buy it.

  • I remember looking into it in the past but think it ended up too pricey. It's also possible that the project was too ambitious. We'll see. :slight_smile:

  • Yep, still got it. :-)

  • @Razorien Wow, Just Wow, Spectacular!

  • O.O


  • This article from The Hard Times was linked on Reddit today. These most excellent pictures reminded me of it.

  • My goodness, sir. There is something in particular about this series of pictures that has such a look to it... I just find myself thinking that these have all been painted! It looks like art, and not just computer graphics.

    Really a superlative set of images, and I believe some of your best work.

  • Really amazing!

  • I've been sharing these with my corpmates and they love them. We were there (in a small VNI ball) and they loved the shots, several have already taken images to use for their backgrounds. They are fantastic.


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