Newbie Exploration Guide for C-1-2-3 Wormholes

  • Cheers for sharing. What I love about exploration is it has a pretty low barrier to entry and each pilot can decide for themselves how much risk they are willing to take. We've seen many new players in Signal Cartel do exactly as your guide describes and do well. Those who master the art of risk analysis and situational awareness via d-scan and overview do even better. Some pilots keep right on flying cheap explo setups long after they could be sitting in something else.

  • That is a nice little guide you got there TzuWu.

    I am sharing the same compassion as @Mynxee
    Eve is a game so big that it needs to be explored. Best career path a newbie can take.
    Otherwise you just end up in some big null sec power-bloc, stuck in one place and it the predefined ship. (Aurorae yawns)

    Therefore I ❤ Signal Cartel! It is supporting my love for the game.

    Plus! Exploration is also very nice to watch on stream. So entertaining.
    Today at 6 AM GMT +1 (my time) @Johnny-Splunk had a nice stream on twitch going on.

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