A Signal Benefactor...

  • Super cool!

    But, really, how would you do that in the game client? 🤔

  • That's so weird! I can only think of some options:

    1. You already had the Stratioses along with the analyzers, which I find unlikely with your retelling.
    2. Someone sent you a contract, which again I find unlikely.
    3. They traded the ships to you (once again unlikely).
      So all in all, I have no idea how that happened. Maybe if you check in your transactions you'll find the answer. If you didn't tell anyone besides SC members about your losses, I can only imagine a Signaleer must've helped you.
      But still, I'm as confused as everyone 🙂

  • @Alan-Mathison
    Did you bookmark the wrecks?
    In both instances the Zeugma dropped.

    If you did not, always bookmark the wreck and try to get back there to loot it. NPCs will leave pods alone so you have all the time. just dock up, get into the rookie ship you get and go back to loot the wreck.. Or at least try to 🙂

    And the Guardian sites are really strong this time, your Strat fit looks to not have the resists it needs for these and cruisers are really on the light side for the site to begin with. Check this thread for more detail on the site and fits:

  • @Dagmar-Maulerant Or (shhhh!) roleplaying!

  • Nah, it was me. I snuck the ship and fittings in there right after pulling the old "your shoe laces are untied" trick. Remember?! If you want to reward me personally, large boatloads of ISK may be sent to Aamish MacTavish. I also accept payments in the form of Fedos (fixed ones only, please, as the unfixed ones are hell on legs!).

    OK, OK! Seriously, glad it worked out, as I fully get the "lose two ships rather rapidly" thing-- makes me imagine propelling things through my monitor!). Now go make the most of the ship and that Zeugma!!!

  • @Dagmar-Maulerant No, I didn't have extra Stratioss. I'm not that rich. 🙂

    If it had been sent in a contract, I would have had to pick up the contract. I didn't.

    If someone traded them to me I would have had to hit "accept" in the trade window. Nope.

    Weirdly, more and more, I can't see how a player did this, even Signal Cartel. Not without leaving some sort of trace.

    I'm starting to wonder if a GM has a secret crush on me, somehow. 🙂

  • @Aamish-MacTavish Rats! I only have the unfixed Fedos. It's how I keep up my supply. And yes, they are hell on the legs.

  • @Blazemonger You know, I didn't, embarrassing to say. At the time I was probably thinking the site would be gone by the time I got back, but a bookmark would have held it.

    Eight years and I'm still learning how to play this game! 🙂

  • @Alan-Mathison You know... The GMs have replaced ships lost to glitches during this event before. This could very well be the case.

  • @Dagmar-Maulerant For a glitch in the construct, sure, but for just being a stupendously stupid pilot? I don't know.

    For now I'll go with a kindly hearted Signal Cartel-er who was somehow given the gifts of Bob for just a few seconds a couple of days ago! 🙂

  • im pretty sure this happened to me. i just didnt realize it until after i read this. it is pretty awesome. im pretty proud to be a signaleer.

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