Trouble joining.

  • I've got proper API key, I am signing in with character name, but I still get the same error others posted:

    Oops! Looks like something went wrong!


    Failed to parse user profile

  • Your forum access is predicated upon our auth system recognizing that you are a member of Signal Cartel. It can’t do that without a persistently enabled, conforming-to-our-mask-requirements API key in place. There seems to be an issue with your API key; it appears to be accessible in our list of keys but that might be archived data. It is not accessible from your character sheet. Did you perchance delete the key you used to set up your auth account?

  • It is 100% possible that I did. I generally operate on the policy I did something less than smart lol

  • You are awesome. I had managed to do exactly that. Reloaded the original key and presto, access.

    Thanks, boss 👍

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