PSA: Resolving Forum Access Issues

  • (I thought I had written this info in a post and pinned it but either I'm missing it or :senility: so here you go.)

    The Signal Cartel area of the forums are accessible only to Signal Cartel members, predicated on our auth system identifying you as a Signal Cartel member based on the API key you attached to your auth account.

    If you are having trouble accessing the forums, it could be because 1) your key is not found (because you deleted or disabled it), 2) the key has not synced with CCP's API cache, 3) you've somehow confused the system with multiple keys for the same account, or 4) you are logged into SeAT with your email rather than the correct way which is to use your username.


    1. If you deleted your key after successfully adding it to your auth account, you are in violation of our API key policy and risk being kicked when I review new member auth accounts. Fix it. We require enabled, conforming keys be maintained by all members while in Signal Cartel.
    2. Keys are synced with CCP's API cache once a day. If it's not yet been 24 hours since you submitted your key to your auth account, give things time to resolve.
    3. If you've confused the system with multiple keys for the same account, only @Johnny-Splunk can fix that. Private message him on our Discord.
    4. If you are logged in with your email to SeAT, log back out, then log in using your selected username (your email is NOT your username). Assuming you have verified your email address and associated a character with your auth account, you should then be able to get access to the Signal Cartel area of the forums after logging in on the forums and selecting your character.

    If none of these things resolve your ability to access the forums, then reach out to Johnny on Discord because he, as our SeAT admin, is the only one who can help you. If you EVEmail me about it, I am simply going to reply with a link to this post.

    Transition from API to ESI

    On May 8, 2018, CCP's API system is being replaced by ESI. We will be transitioning to ESI and will let you know soon what you need to do to remain in conformance with corp policy. We will incorporate a reasonable transition period, so everyone has time to comply. Once we have transitioned fully, I will update this post accordingly with relevant ESI-specific info related to any forum access difficulties we see going forward.

  • TGOS here yes read it, I cannot for the life of me find a way to log out of SeAT. Any help direction appreciated using chrome if that matters

  • Go to . Look for your name at top right. Click. select sign out.


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