Important - Tripwire Update and Thera

  • Hello, all!

    On Sunday, May 6 at 8pm EVE time, Tripwire will be offline (hopefully) briefly for a scheduled update. You can read the full patch notes here, there's a lot of cool stuff coming up.

    This scheduled downtime will affect the EvE-Scout Thera Scanning Service, as we use Tripwire to log our entries. The website itself and these forums will be unaffected, but the wormhole listing may become out-of-date or unavailable while functionality is restored to Tripwire.

    For the most accurate information on Thera connections getting into or out of Thera, join the in-game channel "EvE-Scout" and ask for a Thera scout.

  • I hope the bug that doesn't allow us to easily add signatures to systems next to Thera is fixed :/.

  • @Dagmar-Maulerant Daimian is aware of the issue, and has a lead on a possible fix. It looks from the patch notes that this may be near future, not today.

    Hoping I'm wrong💖


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