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  • I have been reluctant to mention it, but I am leaving for a study abroad trip to South Africa tomorrow (June 5th through the 22nd).
    I will create a Facebook to share pictures and videos, link will be provided.

    Through the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks to Rob and Melani Walton Global Sustainability Studies, who provided me with a $4,800 scholarship for the trip. Finally, a huge thanks to my parents who helped pay the rest of the fees and pushed me to go in the first place.

    The journey is only the beginning, see you all in a few weeks!

  • Wow, sounds amazing. Have fun. I did something similar. I joined a Hospital ship in 1995 in Africa and ended up staying on board for nearly 6 years. Met my Mrs. System there too. Hope you come back sooner than that :D

  • Both of y'all are amazing!

  • @Lewis-Gillies said in ZA Study Abroad:

    Both of y'all are amazing!

    To be fair, I was 25 at the time, no responsibilities of bills or debt. No Pets, or kids or significant others... so ya, it's much easier to go on an adventure when you are in that position.

    That being said this guy did it when he was much older and laden with responsibilities. :D :D


  • @System-Baud

    I read a blog by a guy named Tim Challies. He had a friend who would write updates from her ship. I found it fascinating. While I've traveled a lot (and am not American by birth), I'm too old and too lacking in skills to do something like that - but it appeals to the IRL Signal Carteler within me.

  • Oh man...I love to travel; and this sounds like an adventure. My current plans include Jamaica (more for the wife and kid, but I get to scuba), Iceland (not EvE related), and hopefully Machu Pichu in the next 2 years or so with @Scarsan-Stripes (we have another brother who is afraid to travel out of the states, but would be cool to get the 3 of us there)!

    Anyway good luck, and have fun on your adventure @Snyypa-Voltron . I can't wait to see the pics and read the AAR!

  • @Snyypa-Voltron what a wonderful opportunity! Congratulations! I wish you a safe journey filled with amazing experiences! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!!!

  • Have a wonderful adventure. And remember, the Cheetahs in South Africa don’t have cloaks.

  • @Snyypa-Voltron so you are flying to Minmatar space, heh? 8)

  • @Snyypa-Voltron Congratulations, and Fly Safe!

  • @snyypa-voltron That is an amazing opportunity...congrats on getting to go. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

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