Public Wormhole Reports

  • Hi there,

    I scan Thera daily and post the HS wormhole details I find in the public channel. However I have noticed that there's never a response to this and usually the signatures don't get added for many hours (well after the details are no longer visible in the channel).

    Has EVE Scout policy changed? Is the issue with camps? I would be happy to allow EVE Scout free passage through my camps, for the purpose of updating the site, provided that they contact me first.

  • Ask in the public EvE-Scout channel to be added to the Thera scanning intel channel. I believe that is the place where this info needs to be posted for it to get to our Thera scouts.

    My info may be out of date, but the EvE-Scout channel is definitely the place to ask for the current protocol.

    Thanks for helping out!

  • It depends on whether we have scouts in Thera scanning. My understanding was posts in EvE-Scout were informational for the channel but our Thera scanners do not add anything to Tripwire (and thus public page) that they have not checked out and verified themselves. Posts to the channel are useful to the scanners as they provide intel and useful to pilots in EvE-Scout when we have a gap in our Thera coverage.

  • @Igaze I had thought there was a process for trusted out-of-corp Thera scanners to get added to the private Intel channel. There is not an opsec concern since the info is publicly available anyway. But it has been a while since I have been regularly involved with Thera scanning, so I may be misremembering this.

  • @Thrice-Hapus I believe you're correct but I don't know anything about process or how that works or even if it's still a current practice. I do think it was very limited.

  • Sigs can be added to site only through Eve-scout TW mask

  • @Igaze @miruxa @Thrice-Hapus and Guest: we do have out of corp pilots in Thera Intel. You would have to talk to @Johnny-Splunk, he's the only one with Admin on tripwire

  • Thank you for the replies. I was advised to join SC with an alt so I could add them myself, which I'd be happy to do. I've submitted an application on this toon and I'll wait to see how that goes.

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