Eve Scout Observatory

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    Greetings Astrophotographers!

    So, what is the Observatory? I believe it’s fair to say the majority of, perhaps even all, explorers share a common love for the beauty that New Eden has to offer. As we travel the stars, we often try to capture and share the wonders we find along the way with our fellow capsuleers via the images that we take. We post and share them in many different ways on many different sites. There’s no one place to go, no observatory, no gallery that showcases the marvels of our cluster. It's our hope that the EvE-Scout Observatory will be that common place folks go to for sharing and seeing images from around the cluster. For screenshot tips see my blog post: “Astrophotography 101”.

    We no longer use Flickr for our Observatory, so please post your favorite images directly to our Discord Channel. Thanks to Ectheleon for that suggestion. The channel can be found under EvE-Scout Enclave and #eve-observatory.

    I look forward to seeing your submissions!

    Thanks and fly clever!

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