Transferring Toon to main account?

  • I have an old alt languishing in a separate account with a moderate amount of SP, never made much use of him and he is not in any Corp. I also have an alt in my Leda main account with virtually no training (was simply my “agent” in Pro Synergy, with my third alt the out of corp Noctis salvager and general hauler/gofer).

    I am toying with the idea of consolidating into just one account, by mulching the now unused Pro Synergy alt and transferring my old trained alt to the active account - though I have not decided what I might use him for.

    If I do I will of course declare who it is (nothing shady, I don’t even think he has a single killmail!).

    But my immediate noobilicious question is: would I need to submit a new ESI/API key to SC, or will my existing one automatically update?

  • @Leda ESI is per character not per account

  • When you make the changes, send Mynxee and myself an evemail with the details, we'll check your ESI and let you know if any update is needed. Easy!

  • @Thrice-Hapus Thanks. If I do it, it will be toward end of October, so I'll remember to send evemails at the same time.

  • If I am not mistaken, our apps now use SSO for access and submitting apps, not an ESI key, so it should be no problem. When you SSO, you're asked to permit access to a list various character info we need. By logging in, you authorize us to see that info. ("Us" being leadership; recruiters can only see your character name and what corp you are currently in when they look at your app.)

  • You can also extract SP from unused character and send him into Doomheim 😎

  • @Andrew-Chikatilo Yes I have vampirised the poor guy in the past (got a few freebie extractors from one of the packages, so I filled them and sold the injectors for ISK to help fund ships etc.). I’m still considering the options; I don’t want any alt to distract me from my SC main, especially as at present I don’t have all that much time online.

    Frankly the one thing I’m slightly tempted by for an alt, since it wouldn’t be Credo compliant for Leda, is to try flying logi in a PvP gang or fleet to see how that feels - but it’s a low priority and would probably be a pretty grubby experience compared to flying in SCFS fleets with great FCs like @Theana-Gaterau.

  • @Leda you can park one of toons in Thera to update the site from time to time 😎

  • @Andrew-Chikatilo that's a good idea. But wouldn't the alt need to join SC in order to put BMs into corp folder?

  • @Leda for bookmarks, yes, for Tripwire - no. You can inject alt into the Corp - just make sure alt is active.

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