PSA: Transporting Valuable Cargo to Jita

  • For all the new players in corp/alliance. If you are in Zoohen and decide to go to Jita to sell some expensive bauble you found or otherwise acquired, all high sec routes to Jita from Gallente and Minmatar space go through Uedama.

    Uedama is a 0.5 system which means Concord will show up in about 30 seconds after you are attacked, or put another way, 20 seconds after you are dead. Uedama is camped pretty much 24/7 and your ship WILL be scanned upon arrival at the gate by one or more people of an avaricious nature. Once it has been determined that you have valuable cargo you will be attacked in a process known as a "suicide gank".

    One or more ships with a LOT of DPS will scram you and blow you out of space. By the time concord arrives, their buddies will be looting your wreck and then the wrecks of your attackers after Concord blows them away. you will lose your cargo and your ship.

    Use a shipping service or a buddy with a Blockade Runner at the very least.

  • Zoohen is one of the places our buy-back program operates out of, which SC members can take advantage of at any time.

  • +1 for the BB program. It makes life a lot easier and helps fund the corp

  • @Gaston-Charante I second that - three cheers to the corp members who manage the BB program!!

  • @Shatznr That is 100% @Johnny-Splunk, with some occasional help from other members he recruits to help with hauling. He is our Big Damn BuyBack Hero so give him some love for it!

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