The outro and the intro

  • Hi,

    I think I got booted from SC due to not having posted an intro, so here one is. Or maybe it's an outro. We'll see.

    The Character:
    Jade started off studying business in Academy with the hopes of getting a high-paying job with a major bank or commercial institution. She then discovered that Alphas have no access to advanced business skills. Depressed and aimless, she fell in with the Russian mafia (Conoco), and spent most of her time in nullsec after being repeatedly reminded that highsec is not safe if your corp is in four wars. Eventually, frustrated by the language barriers (knowing English, German, Japanese, and Mandarin isn't enough?), she began searching for a better home and settled on Signal Cartel.

    The Player:
    "Hal Ninek" is a retired engineer/scientist/mathematician/computer scientist, a co-designer of the Sony PlayStation 2, Go player, maker, poet, pyromage, musician, and VJ. He hates PvP and is only here for the exoplanet searches. He lives in cohousing with his family and pet ball pythons.

  • Your Welcome Letter mentioned the requirement to post an intro; I reminded you in Alliance chat quite some time ago when you and I were discussing other things; and I sent a personal reminder by evemail two days ago. It is too bad you decided to post your interesting intro only after you got kicked for not doing it in the first place. You can reapply after the 60-day rejoin timer ticks down if you still wish to.

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