Evading a trap....

  • So this just happened....I warp through a worm hole to find a Saber waiting on the other side. I got spooked and warped off, failing for the first in a long time to save my exit. I cloak up as soon as I warp only to find that the Saber gave chase, I dropped probes to scan my hole back out, and the Saber warps up 70km from me and drops a disruptor. So I ponder the situation at hand, he tries to get to the center of my probes in order to bump my cloak down to find me. As soon as I see what he's tryin to do I gather my probes and scram. Him and his buddy who's in a Raven start runnin their mouths in local about how they closed all holes and are camping my exit and I have no way out, that they'll wait till they get me. I warp up 100km from the hole and start asking for advice in our alliance channel, to which d2arking73 and GigiLevier coached me through on burning 150km from the hole and warping to 0 to get out. At this point the Raven warps 75km off the opposite side and again starts sayin how he's havin Buzzard for dinner and I'm wasting my time tryin to not get podded. He bails to run a combat site, as soon as he does I make my break for the hole. As soon as I come out the other side his buddy in the Saber is waiting with drones, I didn't wait one second before I clicked to my gate and cloaked as soon as warp started. I made it through the next 2 systems home to Zoohen and safety in the Core Complex. The Saber gets a private chat with me tellin me I need to learn how to play. My response was it looks like I learned how to play. He says how so? I said well you didn't get me did you? I thanked him for the learning session on how to evade a situation like that. This all took about an hour to get through and what a rush it was. Lesson: Be patient, ask for advice, Eve Scout and Signal have the greatest members. Thank you.....

  • Lol... noob mistake, guess I should log in before I make a post 🙂

  • Love the story. I'd say you did great!

  • You did a fine job, and the trash talker was left with nothing to show for his efforts.

    You won. Well done.

  • Ha! That's a great story! Those close calls are really exciting! You did great keeping your wits about you and thinking your way out of the problem (with a little help from your friends!).

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