PSA: Recently Kicked from Signal Cartel and Wonder Why?

  • Note to Signaleers: If you see someone asking in our EvE-Scout channel why they were recently kicked, please link them this post. Thanks! -- M

    Those kicked for Credo violations get an email indicating why. They typically are banned from rejoining.

    However, I routinely purge members without notice for one or more of the following reasons:

    • Long window of inactivity (based on last login date) and joining and then not logging in after your first week or so.
    • API key in your application is returning an error.
    • API key attached to your auth account is disabled, returning an error, or changed from our required mask.
    • Failure to create an auth account or register on the forums within 48 hours of joining, as directed in the welcome letter that all new members automatically receive the instant they join the corp.

    Reminder About Our API Key Policy: Corp policy requires members to maintain an active and conforming API key in both their application and auth account (it can be the same key). We actively monitor member APIs and get notification when API errors occur. If your application and auth account were successfully submitted, that means you used a valid and properly conformed API. Don't change or delete it after the fact. That violates our policy.

    If you were kicked without notice for inactivity, you are welcome to reapply by submitting a new application on our Web site. You are strongly advised to include meaningful statements in the "Message" and "Credo" fields of the new application. Simply stating "former member looking to return" with no other effort put into your app is likely to result in recruiters declining your app. We want to see engagement by our members in and understanding of what we are about, and that starts with your application.

    If you were kicked for a policy violation, your ability to rejoin depends on the circumstances.

    Questions? Reach out to myself or a recruiter in our public channel EvE-Scout.

  • Much of the API info is outdated now that the old API is obsolete and has been replaced by ESI. SSO is now used exclusively for authenticating your character.

    The older info has been struck out for now, so it can serve as a bridge to the current way of doing things. Eventually, we'll remove all mention of the old API stuff, as it will no longer be meaningful to anyone.

    Questions? Concerns? Message me directly. Thanks!

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