It's freezing, so I'm back!

  • The fall photography season is finally wrapping up. YAY! Now that it's flippin' freezing here in Illinois, no one wants to stand around outside and have their picture taken, so I finally get some free time back in my life...and that means EVE TIME! WOOOOOO! My daughter is coming home from school for the holidays, so I will only be on a bit over the next few weeks, but hopefully I'll be able to hang out in Thera a lot more often come mid January. Thanks for keeping my spot warm for me. Fly warm, Signaleers! o/

    P.S. Oooh...shiney forums...pretties!

  • Good to get out of the cold. Welcome back and yeah, the forums still have that 'new forum' smell going on 😛

  • Yeti, mate - the person who taught me Thera scanning.

    Great to see you back. ❤

  • Welcome back Yeti! Although your name seems to contradict your preference for being inside during the cold season 😉

  • Great to see you back!

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