New Tool to Help New EVE Pilots!

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    Having trouble with all the acronyms and jargon related to EVE?
    Still don't know what a MWD or AB or Neut is?

    Well, brothers and sisters, the solution to your problem is here!

    Introducing the New Eden Word Bank (NEWB), a new browser extension from Signal Cartel that can automagically translate all those terms and acronyms for you!

    This new extension, now publicly available for Chrome and Firefox, is not only low fat and gluten free, but it comes with definitions for over 350 EVE-related terms making it able to turn a forum post (or any web page) that looks

    like this:

    alt text

    into this:

    alt text

    You read that right!

    The answer to your embarrassing noob-ish problems is at hand! No more sitting alone in the station at night, waiting for the phone to ring!

    This no-fuss, no-muss tool won't rip, tear or tangle hair! And if you act now, or even much much later than now, you can get it all for the low, low price of free!

    So head on over and grab your very own copy of NEWB!
    It's not just for noobs!

    NEWB Chrome Extension

    NEWB Firefox Add-on

    This public service announcement was brought to you by the Council of Pilots for the Banishment of Ridiculous Acronyms (COP-BRA)

  • @A-Dead-Parrot I don't know how or when you do all of this, but you're a wizard [Harry]! Tnx for all the awesome stuff!

  • Hi @A-Dead-Parrot ! Just installed the tool, looks great, but... 😉
    I guess this: "I had fun showing just how dangerous a CO (Customs Office) cloak ship can be by sneaking up" should be translating into a "Covert Ops" ship, so we might have to refine our lingo a bit, e.g. by having a different abbreviation like C.O for covert ops or maybe the tool could do some context scanning 😛 (I know how hard lexical analysis is, just joking)

  • @Nadar-Losun I've never seen Covert Ops shortened to CO. Is that the practice in some circles? I think the typical abbreviation is simply "covops."

  • @Nadar-Losun if CO is a widely used acronym for covops then maybe I will just remove CO from the auto translate and make that a single term lookup only, which would present both possibilities of the definition. . But I too have never seen CO to mean covops. Could you confirm this is prevalent by a group of players? Or a single author being lazy in a post somewhere... know what I mean?

    NEWB will never be perfect, but I would like it to be as good as it can be

  • @A-Dead-Parrot I was just pointing out that "one" sample i ran into over on that other thread, I am not aware of many people using CO for covert ops, I guess covops is a much wider spread term. Maybe I am just a bit too eager to show my involvement in this forum 😉

  • Another anecdote/data point for never seeing CO used for anything other than Customs Office. I'd vote leave be.

  • @A-Dead-Parrot This is exactly what I need. Great job, thanks.

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