one of the chillest pilots ive met

  • So I attempt a sleeper site in WH space in my Harbinger, made a mistake and lost it. As I'm leaving the hole in my pod I get a message from a random pilot sayin he has an alt on the exit to that hole and saw me enter with my Harbinger but leave in a pod. So I told em what had gone down, guy offers to fleet up and pull agro so I could go back in my Astero and get my leftover gear. I grab it and warp off, then he says he'll run a sleeper site and that I could have the loot to replace my Harbinger. I was like this isn't fer real, I threw him 10 mill for helpin me and he gave it back, so I warp to him and sure enough he's runnin the site. He tells me to take the loot, I get the 3rd wreck and a Stratios warps in and shoots my face off and pods me. So I lost my Harbinger AND Astero in 30 minutes.......This pilot and I keep conversating cuz I'm still in shock of the series of events that just unfolded in front of me, and puts 100 mill in my bank. I'm honestly still in shock at the loss of 2 of my space babies and what this pilot did to help me replace them. Good people in New Eden, not all are total assclowns.

  • Meeting folks like this is one of the best parts of flying in New Eden.

    Of course, the Stratios pilot was also just playing the game the way he enjoys playing it. According to the Credo, we can respect that without giving him the benefit of any tears.

    I just wanted to add that because of your use of the pejorative term. Even though I'm fairly certain that was not directed at the Stratios pilot, I wanted to make sure none of your readers would think that, especially not any of our newer members. We respect the Stratios pilot for his play style. He is not any variety of clown. 🙂

    Unlike our Strat pilot, some folks truly are rude and inconsiderate in the way they play. Even these we can deal with in a friendly, courteous fashion. That is what makes us Signal Cartel. That is our strength.


  • One thing to remember is that, even though we don't actively PvP (at least not in the Cartel), without PvP pilots, we'd have a lot smaller market for our exploration loot...

    Glad you met at least one nice pilot, and as somebody who's lost his fair share of ships and loot, the risk is part of the fun. 🙂

  • And in reading Thrice's response I wanna apologize for the assclown comment, I should have also said that the Strat pilot sent me 2 messages apologizing that he didn't realize I was with Signal, I think his words were "he had been sippin on Christmas wiskey" and "it was a drunken mistake, he should have gone after the Tengu that was helpin me, instead of the Signal ship". Told em he flew that ship like a pro with how he took over the situation, he was very kindly worded in how he explained his motive.

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