Report from a fresh Signaleer, my first week in SC

  • So its been a week since i got accepted into this great alliance. Well actually 9 days but i was to tired to play for 2 days, party @ work, tried to keep up shotting tequilas with our 20 yrs old trainees (i'm 47), was told (repeatly) that i am to old for this shit, and they was right... But i'll get my revenge, i'm the one thats gonna decide if they pass or fail their trainee period.

    but back on topic.
    Thought i'd write a report on how it is to join and become a signaleer.
    posting it in the public forum, maybe spacetravellers considering joining might wanna see how it was to join this great community, yes, community, not corp/alliance 🙂
    if the management doesnt approve, feel free to delete or move the post. i wount take offence. (might selfdestruct a few times but i'll be fine in the end)

    day 1:
    got accepted !
    was nervous. its one of EVE's most respected capsuleers that every explorer have heard about. and if u havent heard about them, then u prolly have seen their cans in WH's.
    i got welcomed warmly in alliance chat, felt good.
    Then a frikking truck of info hit me. MOTD of alliance and corp, and welcome mail.
    i actually spendt a hour finding a safe haven to dock, as i was in nullsec, so i could read up.
    My first thought was "holy scan probe....these dudes are pros" i'm way over my head.
    but i read thru it, and did the stuff that i was supposed to, like registering here and there.
    some stuff i didnt understand, but the signaleers in alliance was patient and very helpful with my stupid questions.

    Day 2: forum access. it takes 24 hours before you get registered as a SC member until u get the access to the whole thing, spendt that time to write the required 'about me' post.
    then i got the access, and that, dear probe lovers (not in a sick way), was heaven for a explorer like myself.
    It had so much useful info, help, tricks, do, dont do, never do, and if u do, dont do it again, or if you do it anyway, and survive, then do it again and tell us how you did it.
    had to park my ship again, lots of fun stuff to read.

    day 3-9:
    i'm a frikking signaleer.
    like, the info and help i got from the members are epic.
    i am a carebear, null, low and wh space scares me. but now ? they thought me how to be a self aware and safe explorer.
    jump thru a gate and find yourself in a bubbled gatecamp ?
    2 weeks ago, i'd just panic and end up in my medical bay faster than you can say "oh shiny bubble"
    Now i just just smile, and then slowly move out of it. i know what to do. Trust me, have encountered that 4 times in the last week. didnt die to one of them.
    And as a member of Signal Chartel, i always greet them (after i have escaped ofcoz, i'm not stupid...anymore) and we usually have a laugh about it in local.
    But what have striked me most is when jumping in null or lowsec and i get greeted in local as a SC member, and been told "we are camping this gate but you are free to pass" my initial thought was ofcoz "hah, not gonna fall for that" but then, heck...gonna try. and they actually let me slowboat thru their camp. happened twice this week, well 3, but the 3'd was a lie.

    add to that, i have learned how to tender our rescue cans, mapping wormhole routes, and dat feeling that u'r contributing into helping lost capsuleers along the way to that 1bn relic site feels good.
    You see players in our eve-scout channel, asking for help, and our 911 rescueteam find them and helps them out. it gives me a good feeling, maybe i was the one that mapped that wormhole so they found him, maybe i was the one that tendered that rescuecan he's using.

    are u an explorer ? THIS is the place.
    and merry X-mas all

    i am Kentobi.
    i am a Signal Chartel member.
    i am one of those that will get you to your homebase for x-mas.

  • Thanks for sharing and adding to the amount of fun stuff to read! Enjoyed it...

  • What a fantastic first week! Welcome to the club.

  • Welcome to the Cartel

  • Sounds like you are well on your way! We're really glad to have you on the team. 😀

  • 🚀 Welcome To The SC 🔭

  • I'm stuck offline Eve wise, and your post made my morning, that was great reading, thank you!!!

  • Thanks for this pretty cool writeup of your first week!


  • Sounds like a heck of a week! Welcome to the corp!!

  • This was great! Thanks for the update and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I am not that long in the corp and have also experienced so much acceptance and helpfulness I sometimes forget I'm playing an online game with "strangers"

    As for this:

    @Kentobi said in Report from a fresh Signaleer, my first week in SC:

    happened twice this week, well 3, but the 3'd was a lie.

    This made me laugh, not at your misfortune, but because many of us have been there. 😃

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