Report from a Signaleer, first month in SC (i promise will be the last one)

  • 1 month...

    following up my "first week in SC" post (

    heres a new report, first month as a signaleer.

    so now i have started to learn and use the toys the great officers of SC have created for us, tripwire, the various web sites and Allison.
    oh Allison.
    The dude that came up with that idea (aswell as the one that actually made it) is a frikking genious. forget bill gates, or mr Musk..

    i fell in love instantly with her voice telling me important info whenever or wherever i jump.

    but (going abit sideways) you know, 4 years ago i bought a car, a bmw, it had a nav system with pissed me off so i disabled it.
    now this x-mas week i took a roadtrip to pick up my daughters as they was gonna join me and my wife for new years eve.
    Thats is a 5 hour trip one way.
    u know what happened, i assume u can guess it. i was bored driving 5 hours alone. so i turned on the voice of my nav 🙂 and had a blast when she told me where to drive.
    when i arrived i turned it off ofcoz, didnt want my daughters to think i'm a sicko.
    but on the way back i felt bad that i missed the info flow, and roadmapping, and u know, maybe someone needed to be rescued,when i was driving back.

    yes. no. well yes,maybe it was kinda weird.

    but one day Allison gives me the s--t.
    i am jumping around several wh's mapping it out for your SAR team, then i jumped into a C5, then she says: "warning: important info incomming!"
    i instantly think, 'oh, i'm in a SAR system, someone needs my help to get out' and i get exited!!
    then she says, "sorry my mistake, it was classified info"
    W T H !!
    then i started to laugh, alone, in my gamingroom, wife heard me, she came into my room and asked whats going on, what are you laughing do i explaine that.....
    "allison gave me a fun comment". "who's allison? and why are u talking to her" "but babe not a real girl,its a...its....its a.....web site?"
    donno who writes her voicingscript , but sir, or madame, you are evil, and most likely not married.

    since i wrote the "first week post" i have been in HS once, in 4 weeks, just to dump loot, then heading right back into the unknown. its been a discussion on war and stuff lately on our forums, but for me it doesnt matter.
    i'm a explorer, i'm in a deep wh chain or null. if a war deccer finds me and kills me there, then damn...he deserve the killmail.
    be safe, do as i do. if u get a HS exit, jump thru it, find nearest station dump your loot, then dive back in, then contract it to be hauled.

    other than that, i have attended to 2 of SCA classes (tripwire and SAR), learned alot of the great teacher Xalyar,
    I often taunt him abit for beeing italian-ino (sorry m8) but he makes boring stuff interesting and are very responsive(and fun) and open for questions.
    keep an eye out for his classes, he's a great mentor that explaines stuff in a easily, and fun waino
    just make sure not to ask to many questions, if he's tea gets cold u'll see a different Xalyar.
    think he's the reason Rome fell, he's tea got cold.

    tomorrow i'm a 1 month old Signaleer, and i'll send a request to become a C1, then, if its accepted, i'm looking forward to learn to be a proper SAR pilot.
    oh, and happy new year !

    I am Kentobi
    I am a signaleer
    I will find you
    I will get you home

  • I love this thread....but be careful with certain colourful words used.

  • i apologize if i used bad words here, read thru it again, but didnt really see anything that could offend anyone.
    but as a norwegian i use a ,erm, colorful language by default, and if it is anything in there thats bad and offend anyone, please lemme know.
    (ps if u mean the italian phun with Xalyar) i think he's ok with it 🙂

  • Don't worry too much about it but typically, in English, bodily excrement is considered less than family friendly. Of course English then goes on and takes all sorts of offensive things and turns them into punctuation so... 🤷♂

  • I love Allison, too. 😀 All kudos for her creation and ongoing maintenance go to @A-Dead-Parrot .

    I made a couple minor edits to your post to keep it more family-friendly. And I will be keeping an eye out for your C1 request!

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