LOSEC Incident and Its Associated Diplomacy: A Noob's Perspective

  • Hello fellow Signal Cartel members! I wanted to take some time (out of the game?) to share a recent experience I had in the low security system of Vecamia; a 0.4 system. But first, a little bit about my EvE background.

    I began playing EvE Online back in 2010. My first encounter with an aggressive force was with two Aussie Gankers. As it turned out, we became fast friends, both in game and in real life. I was a miner by both trade and race and they weren't, simple as that. However, I soon discovered I loved being a 'Care Bear' and yet, I had this overwhelming desire to explore our galaxy. So, being the Noob that I was, I decided to take my nice Navitas into the unknown.

    The date was 2010 June 14 (sorry, haven't learned the EvE calendar yet) and after a wonderful and delightful trip, I ended up in a 'wonderful' little system called, 'Etherium Reach (8KE-YS),' a 0.1 system. Needless to say, as soon as I emerged from the gate, I was vaporised in a flash. We all know the routine; Warp Scrambler, followed by endless pounding until there is, quite simply, nothing left. Even my capsule was destroyed, all in under a minute; like that, in a flash, I was gone, only to re-spawn in my home base of Cistuvaert in Verge Vendor. That was my last adventure into the unknown for a very long time. Fast forward to 2020 March 08, on a routine cargo run from Tarta in Concord Territory to Shera, part of the Amarr Empire; a route which would take 18 jumps via HISEC but only 4 jumps by way of Vecamia, to pick up 100 new core probe launchers. I decided to take the short way.

    As I laid in my course and clicked the jump button I thought, how cool is that that I'm restocking my supply of probe launchers for stranded pilots in the unknown sections of Worm Hole space. Moreover, how wonderful it is to be part of an organisation with such a rich history as Signal Cartel and EvE-Scout. As I approached the Vecamia gate I noticed a ship with a solid-red coloured box containing a little pirate banner inside of it, sitting not to far from the gate. It was then that I was beginning to realise that this trip might not have a very pleasant outcome. Indeed, I had already selected the jump button as I left the DED facility at Tarta thus, there was no way to abort the jump, even though I attempted in vain to do so. This is the point when your mind begins to accelerate and a million thoughts run simultaneously. Indeed, I thought it was one of MECH 1000's crew (Vecamia pretty much belongs to them) and MECH and I go back a bit; he often doesn't bother me unless I do something stupid. I often test ship fittings and weapons in 'his' system by Ratting the NPC pirates that live there.

    On the other side of the Vecamia gate I did a quick D-Scan. There were ships that I did not recognise as belonging to MECH 1000's crew and a quick look at Local comms indicated others were in the system. Thus, I realised that I only had one shot at getting through -hit the jump button for the next gate and hope that I can cloak for before they target me. However, the campers were strategically placed around me and I had little hope. Indeed my Viator, the USC Shadow Fox, met its fate. Perhaps miraculously, my little pod did not. Indeed, the pod seemingly executed my last command to jump the gate that leads to the 0.5 system of Cleyd. Upon entering the system, I realised that there was no reason to proceed with the mission since the Shadow Fox had been reduced to a pile of twisted aluminum and composite fragments. Thus, I limped back through the Cleyd/Vecamia gate and docked up at the nearest station; back into the system that I lost my beloved Shadow Fox.

    I sat in the station, pondering my options and feeling a bit sorry for myself for losing my ship while also feeling a certain self-loathing for trying to save time by jumping through LOSEC during a high-risk time frame, I knew better. In any event, I began plotting my next course of action; how to get back to Tarta without getting killed. There were two possibilities, the first, cross back through the Vecamia/Tarta gate and hope that the campers had left (they hadn't). The second option would be to plot and execute a course that would take my from Vecamia to Jita to Tarta. This route would take approximately 30 jumps and with Signal Cartel's current War-Dec status this could be as perilous as simply attempting to jump back though the Vecamia/Tarta gate. There was also a third option, one that doesn't seem as realistic as the other options; namely, to shut down for the day and remain docked until I could safely get out. While I was contemplating these options, it was then that the first strange event happened.

    Suddenly, A private comm sprang to life, 'would you like to accept a private conversation' or whatever it states. Figuring that this was my killer's chance to gloat and taunt me about his victory. I decided to accept figuring that I might be able to plead with him to let me pass through the gate unscathed. Pleading, is something that I don't relish in the slightest. However, in the world of diplomacy, sometimes it's the only sane option. I reluctantly clicked 'Accept.'

    Surprisingly, (I was truly shocked) the following message lit up my screen (names have been redacted for security and privacy reasons):
    [ 2020.03.08 03:24:01 ] ********** > [H]ey we didn't realize you weree [sic] EVE-Scout until after you popped. I have nothing but respect for you guys. Would you allow me to SRP a portion of your ship as a way of showing respect?
    [ 2020.03.08 03:24:06 ] peike > Hello.
    [ 2020.03.08 03:26:07 ] peike > Thanks! No partial needed. If you want you can make a donation to Eve-Scout. 🙂 It was a good fight. And remember, if you ever get trapped in Wormhole space, give us a shout. 🙂
    [ 2020.03.08 03:26:35 ] ********** > I insist man, I make it a point to NOT shoot you guys.
    [ 2020.03.08 03:26:59 ] **********> I feel pretty terrible about it tbh

    At this point, I wasn't sure what to do. On one hand, I was amazed that this pilot, a pilot who destroyed my ship and almost killed me, was apologising, let along offering to help rebuild the Shadow Fox through a reparation, I thought WOW! On the other hand, are EvE-Scouts even allowed to accept such a reparation? There seems to be a very narrow interpretation between what is, and isn't, allowed with regard to the Credo on many issues. Thus, I decided to reach out on the Alliance comm to Eve-Scout's seniors to confer with them and see was is, or is not, allowed. To my amazement, the person who responded to my hail was none other than, Johnny Splunk. He replied, 'yep' it's okay to accept such a reparation.

    However, when I returned to accept the offer, my terminator was gone and the comm channel closed. I thought to myself, wow, if only I had accepted, or at the very least, asked him to please hold on a second while I checked. I wondered if I had angered him or, as we sometimes say in America, 'dissed' (street slang for disrespecting someone) him for not accepting. Had I made a new enemy? My answer would quickly be answered, at least in part.

    Suddenly, my private comm sprang to life once again, this time though, it wasn't from my terminator, rather it was from MECH 1000:
    [ 2020.03.08 03:32:37 ] MECH 1000 > o/
    [ 2020.03.08 03:32:47 ] MECH 1000 > Kill: ********* (Ashimmu)
    [ 2020.03.08 03:32:50 ] peike > Hello Mech 1000
    [ 2020.03.08 03:32:51 ] MECH 1000 > Kill: ********* (Loki)
    [ 2020.03.08 03:33:00 ] MECH 1000 > hello
    [ 2020.03.08 03:33:14 ] MECH 1000 > after they killed you
    [ 2020.03.08 03:33:56 ] peike > They didn't get the pod. Only the ship, this time.
    [ 2020.03.08 03:34:04 ] peike > it was a good fight.
    [ 2020.03.08 03:34:12 ] MECH 1000 > well, you can feel redeemed ! lolthey lost alot more
    [ 2020.03.08 03:34:37 ] MECH 1000 > o/
    [ 2020.03.08 03:34:38 ] MECH 1000 > GL
    [ 2020.03.08 03:34:45 ] peike > I wondered what happend [sic] to them. They disappeared.

    After an analysis of the situation via zKillboard, it became clear that MECH 1000 hadn't actually killed my terminator, rather, he killed part of my terminator's alliance team. This actually made me rather sad. In a strange sense, I am appreciative of MECH 1000's revenge on my behalf, but it was unsolicited. Of course our universe is a very dog eat dog world. Nevertheless, I am very sorry for what happened to my terminator. In other, respects, I feel that I was indirectly responsible for part of his alliance's demise. Why you ask? Well, this is where diplomacy comes into play and why we must very carefully attempt to study all variables. Indeed, this is one reason our Credo is written in the manner that it is. Every decision that we make has multiple possible outcomes; it is as though our lives are but one stop in a massive algorithm though which all flows. Consider the following questions:

    1. Did my returning to Vecamia have any bearing on the outcome?
    2. Did the conversation that was initiated between my terminator and myself create the opportunity for his alliance's partial demise?
    3. Did my delay in answering him, while I was checking with Johnny allow for the attack?

    The answer is, maybe to some extent. It is true that he initiated the conversation between he and myself. It's also true that MECH 1000's crew doesn't play favourites with anyone, including me. One could argue that my terminator was in the wrong place at the wrong time, just as I was shortly before. The moral of this story is that for every action there is a consequence. This is one of the main reasons why Signal Cartel remains neutral in the galaxy.

    Fly Safe Everyone.

    Signal Cartel/EvE-Scout

    Edited for clarity, typos and grammatical errors. 2020 March 10

  • @peike - the more I play the more I understand that analogy of "ripples from a pebble". Life is a very thin thread and that is certainly echoed in the game.

    I love you write-up, and having experienced death by "oops!" several times, it is interesting to see some possible ripples here. Yes, if the pilot wishes to gift you back part or all of your ship we can accept that. I have twice. And, there is no way to anticipate these ripples. As part of staying within the Credo I've learned that other play styles happen - with, or without our being there. 🙂

  • Great read @peike !

  • @peike said in LOSEC Incident and Its Associated Diplomacy: A Noob's Perspective:

    our lives are but one stop in a massive algorithm though which all flows

    I think this may be my new favorite. An excellent turn of phrase! 😀

  • Well that makes for the necessary space wisdom pill.
    Sometimes I wished EvE would learn from Carl Sagan and just give the universe more space to be less bothered by its players eheh (technically Triglavian invasions make a good point, but still far away from "the ways of the unknown").


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