The Ballad of Woldrof Baloc Thingold

  • (a small amount of context for corpmates, but you really had to be there)

    Our Woldrof bravely probed the skies
    To map the paths of space.
    Six bookmarks soon appeared
    To win the scanning race.

    +SIG.. his message read*
    Then intel silent fell.
    The seconds crawled ere Woldrof spoke:
    Send help or else farewell!

    Two destroyers and twenty more
    Obstruct my homeward tack,
    In Thera more may wait for me
    Perhaps I should fall back.

    Alas 'twas late and none could aid
    "It matters not, I'll jump," he said.
    May Thera help the bold.

    The men, women, and cats in chat
    All watched with baited breath.
    @peike refused to go to bed
    While Woldrof cheated death.

    Intaki to the right of him,
    Intaki to the left of him,
    Intaki behind him.
    Hunted and hounded
    Boldly he flew and well
    Into the jaws of Death
    Not fearing Sin or Hel
    Until in Thera landed
    The pride of the Signal Cartel.

    Cheers in chat for the daring ride,
    Then goodnights and oh-sevens
    And cat memes, but never forget
    When Waldrof charted the heavens.

    *pronounced "plus sig dot dot"

    edit: fixed the @'s

  • Eagles and Sabers as far as the eye could see...

    Absolutely beautiful, @Moth-Eisig

  • 'Tis true, I tell you. the Ballad of Woldrof Baloc Thingold, as can only be told/sung by the Bard Moth Eisg!

  • This is marvelous! Well done, @Woldrof-Baloc-Thingold, and well sung, @Moth-Eisig ! 😀

  • Wow! Now we need someone to add music and sing it.

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