Art intended for Fanfest 2020

  • Hi everyone, it's been a while. o/

    Despite my recent inactivity, some of you might remember me as somewhat of a screenshot and code-art enthusiast.

    Image gallery
    Realtime rendering

    Some of my inactivity has been due to moving house across the world and being generally busy with family life and work. I've also spent time on other EVE projects, such as delivering images for the upcoming Empires of EVE: Volume II book by Andrew Groen.

    Empires of EVE: Volume II

    I was planning on bringing two other projects as a surprise for Fanfest but with the tragic events unfolding across the world, everything is on hold. With no telling when and where the next big EVE event will be, or if I will even be able to make it there, I want to share those two projects with you now instead.

    The first one is two ship code-art renders to be gifted to ex-CCP Guard and Falcon, commemorating all your support and everything you've done for our community. You were always amazing at promoting community art and many fun times were had. I miss you both. o7

    Tempest code-art

    Myrmidon code-art

    Then I went a bit crazy and decided to take on a very ambitious project way outside my comfort zone. Inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope, my Fanfest pièce de résistance was going to be a brand new code-art piece, printed on hexagonal metal tiles and arranged in the shape of the JWST main mirror assembly.

    James Webb Space Telescope

    It's an artists impression of one of the most iconic EVE visuals, the cyno. Dedicated to EVE and its amazing community that I've had the pleasure to be a part of for several years now.

    The final piece is made up of 19 individual metal prints that together measure roughly 185x170cm, held together by a segmented custom metal frame attaching with magnets. The metal prints are done and the metal frame design approved by the workshop but due to non-essential businesses being closed it's still awaiting production.

    Some pictures with banana for scale of course.
    Hexagon tile layout

    Rendering in progress

    Finished tiles

    During development I've been showing work in progress of this to CCP to try and arrange a nice placement for it at Fanfest. There were hints about maybe making this a part of their new office but without any commitment I would stick to my original plan and make it part of the charity auction.

    Just wanted to share this with you and with the world on hold I'm not sure what will happen next apart from hopefully finishing it some day and take it from there. Until then, please stay safe and don't forget to clean your ships!

    📷 ❤

  • Absolutely amazing and the hexagonal metal tile work... breathtaking! Love your work and thanks for sharing. Would loved to have seen it at Fanfest in person, but alas. 😍

  • Excellent work! I’d love to see them in the flesh someday!

  • Very nice!

  • Your work is, as always, absolutely amazing @Razorien. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. The two gifts for Guard and Falcon are stunning indeed.

    💙 it.

  • While both ships are fantastic, it’s the cyno that completely captures my attention! Amazing work.

  • Stunning, all of them! coupled with truly magnificent generosity.

    Your artwork is astonishing. I stared at each for several minutes before moving on. I'll probably leave the last tab open all day to inspire me!

  • Fantastic work. Love the ships and cyno ! 😉

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