Hello to you all!

  • Hi.

    I finally have access to the forums, so wanted my first post to be a friendly hello to you all.

    Firstly - yes, my name is in honour of the legendary Robert Moog. I have a real world love for experimental electronic music. One day I decided to start a new character in Eve, and instead of running 3 or 4 alts, I would use one rounded out character to play. After quite a long time deliberating, I decided on Bob Moog. I wanted him to be a New Eden pioneer, so named my character after a pioneer from a my home planet. I have only ever had one other pilot ask me if its is linked to Robert Moog......since being in SC 3 people have asked.......that confirms I've found my space home 🙂

    So the first 48 hours in SC have allowed me to get a feel for my fellow corp members, and so far everyone seems super friendly and helpful. I played Eve solo for many years before joining SC. I struck up a random conversation with Snakeeyes81. He was in a low sec system, I wanted to mine, so I asked him straight if he was there for some PvP or just exploring. He told me not to worry and to read his corp bio, which I did. I trusted what he was saying, uncloaked, started mining and didnt get attacked. Having not spoken to anyone while playing Eve for quite a long time, our conversation got me thinking about joining a corp again......and here I am.

    I spend most of my time exploring in low sec and mining. Now I'm in the corp I will start looking at some things to do in a WH, as its been many years since I've been in one. I remember the Sleepers were new to the game and pretty challenging when I was last in one, and the lack of local made me nervous haha. I'll probably still be the same now!

    I look forward to meeting all of you, flying with some of you, and fighting with none of you. Fly in peace space sisters and brothers.

    Bob Moog

    One more thing, regarding blueprints: Other than T2 and Battleship, Capital and some structure BPO's (im workling on these) I think I have managed to collect every other BPO available, and am slowly getting them all to 10/20. If anyone would like any copies produced, please just let me know. If I have the BPO then I will supply you with a BPC.

  • Welcome to SC!!!

  • Hi and welcome to Signal Cartel ! 😉

  • Welcome to the Cartel!

  • Leon Theremin, Harold Rhodes, Homer Dudley (vocoder), Robert Moog and many more. Not the heroes we deserve, but the heroes we need.

    Welcome to Signal Cartel @Bob-Moog \o/

  • Welcome to SC!

  • Welcome!

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  • Hello and welcome to SC, Bob Moog!

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel! 😀

    (And great job on being an honorary recruiter, @snakeeyes81 !)

  • Welcome! o/

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