Curiosity almost killed the cat!

  • Quarantined outpost. Althought I jumped @100km for safety as I wanted to take few good shots for 2022. calendar, i landed 50ish km from sentry guns and managed to cloak in time. As Immy the Imicus can't equipp Covert Cloak 2, so I took some time to find good angle of this infected site. The site even gave me warning to leave!☄ As I was already dead man flying used my camera clik-cliked few one's for legacy and de-cloaked whilst praying and aiming to warp-offfff....Did I make it? See for yourself..d-3.jpg d-3 quarantine.jpg d-3 survived.jpg

  • You need to try a Zephyr - the Sleepers ignore you completely

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