More than 50 days in our corp review :)

  • Hello friends, I feel it is time to write something about my last 50 Days in SC and living the credo. With Katja Event my personal EVE story started and is growing day by day. I remember about the great Fedo Army & a cool WH scanning fleet by Sir Fiddle Sticks, lessons how to survive hacking sites on singularity server (AAR HAT) organized by Dagmar Maulerant.


    These lessons let me save a lot of ships during my exploration activities every day. I learn a lot of gameplay interactions and scanning & maneuvering workflows, that helps me to solve dangerous situations successfully and protects me from being visible on the "zKill" board.

    The great discord discussions, scanning Thera WH's and tending & sowing caches activities increasing my knowledge daily. I'm so proud about earning a great Medal for that activities.


    I learn much about the SC Tools and the WH universe and how to use all the "eve navigation windows at one time 😵 ", how to scan many signatures as fast with low Skills.


    What industry materials and Items are in the WH's. Even the communication with some players in WH is fun. I enjoy the relic & data sites because of the peaceful situation and that great universe view.

    I am very careful about the Mothercluckers WH Police ...


    ... they can still hit me hard. Hopefully it doesn't happen in the next time :).

    My next deep dive is searching about the possibility how to increase the Standing / Security Status by living credo (picture shows my current figures).


    You know I don't train the weapon skills and using only one character (that is my personal game style and let me keep fun playing). Because of that idea I'm grinding a lot of Information about materials and manufacturing. There are some cosmos agents with crazy missions like to search, harvest and transport a rare GAS in null sec. That missions are compliant to our exploration credo and helping me to solve my personal challenges. These missions are not easy and expect special skills, Items and fitted ships. Before I ready to do these missions, I have to waiting a little. During the training time I study the manufacturing process to learn how to survive high prices on trading hubs in the future. I learned from YT "Talking in Stations" that the new Industry can increase the PVP 🤕 . More ships will be destroyed and higher ship fitting prices will coming. So I have to be prepared by myself, getting as much experience as possible before, to share it with my SC friends in the future.

    Fly smart & safe 🙂

  • @Dr-Strike Congratulations! That's great. Thank you so much for sharing this, it's an inspiring story for those new to the corp! I can't wait to hear more about your efforts to increase standing and security status without using weapons.

  • @Dr-Strike Insane post, gj and thk for the implants tips ☺ 😎

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