Troubleshooting Forum Access Issues

  • Hi there new Signaleers,

    If you've followed this post completely, and are still having problems accessing the forums, there are a couple of things you may need to wait for / do.

    • Ensure that your character is being reported to the auth system by the EVE API as being in Signal Cartel. You won't see anything but the Public Lobby until this happens.

    • If it has been a few hours, and you still cannot login, try logging your account out of the auth system completely. When you go to log back in, use your username instead of the e-mail address you chose when you signed up. Be sure to click the login link at the top right of the forum if you need to.

    If you are still having issues after 24 hours, you will need to send an in-game EVE mail to Johnny Splunk and let him know.


    P.S. Other tips will be added to this post as necessary.

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