Thera Shared Bookmarks to return soon™

  • I’m sure many of our fellow Capsuleers heard the news about the Thera Shared Bookmarks incident that occurred on October 30th and our decision to take them offline during the course of the Crimson Harvest event. Signal Cartel takes full responsibility and I hope our fellow capsuleers will accept our and my personal heartfelt apology for the incident as well as the inconvenience removing the public bookmarks had on the cluster.

    During this time, Signal Cartel leadership has been listening to our fellow Signaleers as well as the greater New Eden community and we’ve made a decision: Thera Shared Bookmarks will be returning soon(tm). We’re now in the process of reviewing and updating our internal procedures as well as developing some tools to help us prevent future incidents as well as to quickly identify any future breaches. As with all things in the New Eden cluster, there’s always a risk and we have to account for that.

    When the shared Thera bookmarks do come back online, we will be posting the following disclaimer:

    “The Thera Shared Bookmarks are offered as a public service to the greater New Eden community. Use at your own risk. Take all steps necessary to ascertain that the provided bookmark(s) are valid. EvE-Scout and Signal Cartel cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss due to damages resulting from their use.”

    We understand the trust that has been lost in our service. Please be patient with us and give us the time we need to get it right so we can begin to earn that trust once again.

    Signal Cartel is a service corporation to the greater New Eden community. We are friendly and neutral to all in our travels and offer our services to everyone equally - hunted or hunter alike. Our apologies for the incident and for the disruption that it caused to our community.

    A follow-up announcement will be made when we get closer to the Thera Shared Bookmarks return.

    Katia Sae, Signal Cartel, CEO
    Aldar Roanaok, Signal Cartel, COO

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