Thera Shared Bookmarks Online

  • TLDR: I’m happy to report the bookmarks are publicly available once again.

    As you know, the Thera Shared Bookmarks were taken offline due to an incident that occurred October 30th during the Crimson Harvest event.

    During the outage we’ve been working hard to put things in place to help prevent future incidents. Our development team has added some additional functionality to our Thera Scanning Tool to help identify potential issues. We’ve also added another layer to our internal procedures to stage bookmarks before going public. We’ve been testing our new tools and procedures for the last couple of weeks and feel we’re ready to bring the service back online. Unfortunately, these news steps will be placing additional work on our scanners and will likely cause some lag getting them to the public folder, but we’re hopeful this inconvenience will be offset by the benefit they provide.

    “The Thera Shared Bookmarks are offered as a public service to the greater New Eden community. Use at your own risk. Pilots are expected to take reasonable steps to ascertain that the provided bookmark(s) are valid/safe. EvE-Scout and Signal Cartel cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss due to damages resulting from their use.”

    Signal Cartel is a service corporation to the greater New Eden community. We are friendly and neutral to all in our travels and offer our services to everyone equally - hunted or hunter alike. We hope this time we’ve taken during this outage to strengthen our procedures will help restore confidence in the Thera Shared Bookmark service.

    Katia Sae, Signal Cartel, CEO
    Aldar Roanaok, Signal Cartel, COO

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