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  • Greetings all,

    I'm an avid solo pvp'er. As a member of Wingspan, my typical prey includes explorers of all varieties 😄

    However, the game has grown stale recently, and hunting mostly-helpless ships is losing its appeal. When I saw the eve scout rescue video this weekend, it piqued my interest in the alliance's proactive efforts at helping helpless players.

    Is there a place for a pilot here who would escort other explorers as they run sites. Nothing would make my day than uncloaking my manticore or falcon to mess with someone trying to pick iba helpless T1 explorer.

    Anyways, I'm just trying to gauge whether this is a viable play style. I'm all about exploring as well, but I'd like to turn my evil pvp powers and harness them for good 😆

  • It sounds like a very interesting play style although it would not be compliant with Signal Cartel's Credo which dictates neutrality. Helping a stranded pilot is a different thing than picking a side in a PVP situation.

    If there are enough bored hunters out there perhaps you could set up a corp where you hired yourself out to protect explorers. Might work.

  • We prefer to PvP by either avoiding it altogether or escaping it when thrust upon us. We are permitted to defend ourselves and our corpmates, but it is a fine line most of us prefer not to walk.

    I, for one, appreciate the idea. Its actually a decent one. However, it doesn't quite mesh with the spirit of our Credo or the feel of our alliance.

    I like the idea. Maybe you should look into starting your own group, there are bound to be people looking for your services or to join up

  • While defending oneself and your corpmates when attacked is perfectly in line with the Credo, doing it with the specific intent of pvp from the get-go is not.

    Sitting cloaked in a site while another signaleer runs it could be viewed by others as baiting and would likely damage our neutral image.

    PS I understand the appeal of hunt-the-hunter and I think that's a really cool idea and a better challenge. Make your own corp, defend newbies going into hisec holes, change New Eden for the better! You could even bait hunters with an NPC corp alpha 😏

  • I appreciate the responses y'all! I knew your group is PVP-averse, but now I'm getting a better sense of it. I'll take these comments into consideration. Thanks!

  • I'm sure there are plenty of Explorers out there who would love an executive bodyguard service. The only thing would be to figure out your value structure because most explorers are out for profit (aren't we all) and there's ever a guarantee in Eve aside from buying Insurance on the ship you lose.

    Explorers are paranoid by nature though, so it'd be a hard sell that you're not just a beacon for your corp to come and eliminate the explorer after a 2 hour trip through Stain.

  • Ya, I'm not too interested in starting a corp...seems like a hassle. This was more to gauge interest in this idea within your alliance.

    Since it isn't, I still think I'll apply in the near future and try embrace this play style so completely opposite of my over the past few years.

  • There are definitely more players like you that have offered me the same service. Because of the Credo I could not except it..
    To be fair Wingspan has got a succesfull delivery of drones to my address and the mail afterwards still makes it my most memorable and funniest ship loss I ever had. I even open up that mail just to smile at that awesome evening.. On the other hand I think there are enough solo explorers out there that would not mind sharing his loot 50/50 with an expert pvp'er and have a blast together.. Thanks for the visit and please do not stop hunting me all together..

  • Just brainstorming here, but this might be an opportunity for some joint ops with the Sleeper Eradication Division. You mentioned PvP as the main goal and Sleeper eradication is a PvE activity but still might be a fun way to fly with other pilots and make dank isk in a credo compliant way.

  • You know, for all my time wandering in WHs, I've never PVEd in there or fought sleepers outside of incidental combat while pvping. Would be interesting for a change of pace.

  • You could always have an alt in Signal Cartel and try it out. Only your Signal character has to align with the Credo. Your other characters can continue to PvP to your heart's content.

  • @Thrice-Hapus The the Signal char can not help to "find victims" or act as "bait" I think.

  • Maybe if I flew an ECM bird with no turrets, that would be compatible with the credo. I love me some ECM and would be a nice change of play style to use it to help other escape rather than to blow up targets

  • Flying out with the intent to ECM is not really in the spirit of the Credo.
    Being ready to ECM in case you are jumped is.

    Understanding this difference is the first step on the path of the Credo. 🙂

  • Well, ECM without weaponry is a pretty defensively-oriented posture serving as a means of escape, especially when no one else is there to take advantage of a jammed opponent. I thought I had read about SC fleets with ECMs and snowball launchers.

  • The issue is not what you fit on whatever ship you fly. The issue is why you fly it. It is the why that matters most.

    The Credo is a difficult thing to follow. It is that way for a reason. It's a very narrow path for Signaleers to follow. We do not judge anyone for the way they choose to play, nor do we support any one over another. We do not hold grudges against those who choose to destroy us and/or thwart what we choose to do. That is their right, just as it is our right to do what we do.

    We choose that path on our own and therefore are bound by it. It is not meant for everyone, and that is fine.

    There has been plenty of discussions about what sort of behavior is Credo-compliant, and that is just in the past 10 months that I have been in Signal Cartel. One thing holds true in every circumstance: if there is any question about any action or behavior that could put our reputation of neutrality to all above all, then that action of behavior should not and must not be done as Signaleers.

    I personally love the idea of a defensive mercenary corp for explorers and new players... I happen to have a PVP-oriented alt languishing in Jita on a bender. Perhaps someday they could be involved in something like that. And this is a very interesting discussion to be sure, and I understand and appreciate your intent. But I am sorry, I believe the things that you are proposing are being proposed as ways to circumvent the Credo, so they likely would not supported within Signal Cartel.

  • The Credo forbids our members from flying in PvP-intent fleets. If your goal is PvP, then our members may not fleet with nor collaborate with you. If they are observed doing so by a third party and reported for suspicious behavior (this happens a lot and I always follow up), it can (and often does) go badly for them. I have zero compunctions about kicking people out of Signal Cartel when evidence shows they have violated our Credo. Ignorance of the Credo is no defense, as everyone is expected to be well informed about this foundation of our corp and culture.

  • It's intriguing to see that this has been discussed before intensely and been debated. I read the Credo but I didn't see how DEEPLY the meaning behind it was adhered to.

    You guys really are like the Red Cross of Eve. Maybe my PVP main might not be a great fit (who knows), but my Blockade Runner/trader alt might be of some use to seed caches.

  • Guest said in Home for defensive PVP play-style player?:

    It's intriguing to see that this has been discussed before intensely and been debated. I read the Credo but I didn't see how DEEPLY the meaning behind it was adhered to.

    You guys really are like the Red Cross of Eve. Maybe my PVP main might not be a great fit (who knows), but my Blockade Runner/trader alt might be of some use to seed caches.

    I like that line of thinking!

    Also, "You guys really are like the Red Cross of Eve." Can we quote you on that?

  • Hehe, by all means.

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