Triptik 002a & 002c Ancient Races of New Eden question

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    I am running through the Triptiks and the EVE Travel blog to explore the sites in New Eden, but I ran into a snag while running 002a Ancient Races of New Eden.

    When you get to Aphi, it appears that the Labyrinth is no longer a thing. Unless I am missing something big. (Note, I have already completed the Museum Arcana in Zimse, so I have the the Key to the Labyrinth.) But when I warp to the star in Aphi, there isn't an acceleration gate to send you into the Labyrinth.

    Am I just missing something glaringly obvious, or has this particular site been removed from the game? Does anybody know? Thanks for the help.

  • It has been subject to heavy farming so may have been removed briefly to stop that

  • Ah thanks

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