Signal Cartel General FAQ

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    This post answers frequently asked questions about Signal Cartel and our operations, and is subject to occasional updates and additions. It does not include information about joining (find that info here) but there is some slight overlap of questions.

    What does Signal Cartel do?
    Signal Cartel is part of the EvE-Scout Enclave alliance. We are a peaceful, neutral exploration alliance focused on activities exploration-related content. We:

    • Scan and publicly document Thera wormhole connections
    • Sow and tend EvE-Scout Rescue Caches
    • Conduct rescue missions for pilots stranded in wormholes
    • Engage in a variety of (mostly exploration-related) PVE activities both solo and in fleets
    • Design and publish Expedition TripTiks

    Who's in charge?
    The members of the Signal Cartel leadership team are:

    • Thrice Hapus, CEO
    • Johnny Splunk, Co-founder, director, EvE-Scout service owner

    What is the Credo?
    It is the foundation of our non-aggressive, neutral, service-oriented play style and corporate culture. You can read it here.

    Do you have a public channel?
    Yes! In-game you can chat with us in the EvE-Scout channel. Out of game, find us on Discord. Players from all play styles are welcome, as are discussions about any aspect of the game. All of our public-facing channels are subject to a family-friendly policy prohibiting profane or vulgar language and topics, hate speech, etc. In short, we expect civilized conduct; mods will remove those who violate our rules.

    Can my corp join the EvE-Scout Alliance?
    Sorry, no. We are a closed alliance consisting of Signal Cartel, its sister corp EvE-Scout, and support corps run and populated by leadership alts only.

    Can I participate in the Thera scanning effort without joining Signal Cartel?
    Possibly; reach out to Johnny Splunk about it. That service belongs to and is managed by him.

    Can you guys find a wormhole for me?
    No. At one time we offered this service but it became clear that it there were potential conflicts with our neutrality and Credo so we stopped doing it. Feel free to inquire in our public channel for assistance from others with such services.

    Can we exchange blue standings with you?
    We appreciate being set blue by others. We do not normally reciprocate standings because our nonaggressive, neutral stance means that we already conduct ourselves toward others as if they were blue.

    Where can I learn more about Signal Cartel?
    Signal Cartel Group Blog and Web Site
    Signal Cartel in the EVE media
    EvE-Scout Rescue
    EvE-Scout Thera connections

    I have a question not covered here; who do I ask?
    Please reach out to the Signal Cartel CEO.

    I would like to suggest a question or edit for this FAQ; who do I contact?
    Please reach out to the Signal Cartel CEO.

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