Issue with joining the forum

  • Hi there.

    After doing all the steps something went wrong. I got a profile but I cannot log in.
    There is a failure message:

    Internal Error.
    Oops! Looks like something went wrong!
    Failed to parse user profile

    Admin, could you help me please?
    Many thanks

  • I'll help out later today. We will get you sorted out.

  • Thx for the fast help :)

  • It looks like your key only has Account Status access and does not meet our API requirements for legacy keys and current keys.

    Fix you key in the EVE API portal to match our old requirements or create a new key with out new requirements and add that to your auth account.

    Legacy Key

  • You fixed your API. Try logging in now.

  • I had a hard time to login as well. Same error.

  • Make sure the API registered to your Auth account has the correct permissions (Account, no expiry, everything but mail bodies). Log out, clear your cookies and browser files, and try your email for the login. If this fails, @ tag Johnny Splunk.

  • I have the same error, but created my API using the auth site link and it looks good to me.
    SeAT home page has 4 green checkmarks.

    Not sure how to "Log out, clear your cookies and browser files, and try your email for the login."
    Do you mean log out of forum or SeAT, or the EVE API page?

  • It worked!
    Logging out of SeAT and re-log.
    Thanks, @Triffton Ambraelle

  • My name is Mina Moliko and I'm have the same problem and I tried clearing my cookies and re-log and it still is showing the same message. i would apresiate some help

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